Beesands is a small fishing village located right on the National Trust coast path between the neighbouring villages of Torcross and historic Hallsands.

Many years ago the village was home to numerous fishing families who all worked hard together at their livelihood. Today the number of families involved in fishing is somewhat fewer, however Nick's father can often be seen during the summer months, particularly, landing his catch of crab, lobster and spider crab directly onto the beach to sell to Britannia.

From April to July and October right through the winter, hardy divers provide the best hand picked scallops direct from Start Bay to Britannia’s live holding tanks. For conservation purposes Start Bay is closed for scalloping during July, August and September when during these months we source our scallops from Lyme Bay.

Of course this type of sustainable fishing is very dependent upon weather conditions and on occasions diver caught scallops are replaced by day boat dredged from Brixham.

Local bass fishermen bring their catch straight up the beach, still twitching, at the end of the day and the catches from Dartmouth and Salcombe arrive back at Britannia's holding tanks in the early evening.

Britannia At The Beach, Beesands

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